Oh say, it’s hard to see

Daniel Salazar

By Daniel Salazar

That is the question. Over the last three years the country has seemingly become more and more divided in its thinking. Americans are now more than ever going to extremes in their politics.

Column author Daniel Salazar

Since the Ronald Reagan administration and the lifting of the fairness doctrine, the ability for the right and the left to speak their minds has dramatically increased. For some this is seen as what Americans deserve, aligning with the First Amendment and freedom of speech. But for me and others it has opened the floodgates to a river that cannot be tamed.

America is an empire that has to decide what fate it will take, whether it be one of Rome or a much humbler fate. Great societies have crumbled when they seemingly go against their own core beliefs, values and constitution. It does not matter whether we like the law or if it plays in our favor. The laws are written to keep things fair and not favor one sole person or power regardless of popularity, wealth and military.

Impeachment is a law and we as American people who believe in our great, awesome, and all powerful Constitution must not pick and choose our laws, but respect them when respect is due.

If no wrongdoing occurred then the president will emerge unscathed. But if wrongdoing has taken place it does not matter whether we agree, the truth is the truth.   

The United States and its founders intended checks and balances to be taken quite literally. True government was not made for its rulers and leaders to be comfortable, but for its people. Congress in this case has listened to the people and abided to the best of its abilities to uphold the oath each member took. In this case the highly respected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said the President is charged with betraying his oath of office and the nation’s security by seeking to enlist a foreign power to tarnish a rival for his own political gain. This charge is a valid one and if proven guilty this will mean the end to an administration that has not just shaken the nation, but the world.

It is not my place to say if the President is guilty or not, but it is mine and every American’s duty to support our checks and balances, to support the impeachment process and, if necessary, the Senate trial, and to hold accountable those who do not adhere to the laws that we as Americans all have to follow. To me, America is no shining city on the hill but a beacon of hope and justice that can only continue if we do not allow the fog of corruption to disrupt this signal.