Muscatine Community College 2019 Awards Banquet



Taylor Cameron , Editor

By Taylor Cameron


This year’s awards banquet was at the Rendezvous Banquet & Catering in Muscatine, IA. This banquet is always sponsored by our Student Senate. The night started with a welcome speech from President Naomi DeWinter followed by an introduction speech to all the Muscatine Community College groups by Dean of students Jeremy Pickard.

The night started with MCC Young Democrats and ended with the Vet Tech Student Club (SCNAVTA). After all the groups were recognized and had the time to show appreciation for each of their members, the night continued with the outstanding awards presented by Derek Sawvell. The first award was for the outstanding student worker and was bestowed upon Delaney Clark. Next, was the outstanding college volunteer and Diane Hessman received this award. Thirdly, the outstanding part-time employee went to Jill Holler. Lastly, the outstanding full-time employee went to Robin Mitchell.

Jeremy Pickard announced the beginning of the academic award presentations. The outstanding veterinary technician was handed out by Dr. Dan Drahos and Abigail Ford won this award. This is awarded to a student who has embodied all the traits of being a veterinary technician. Some of these traits are leadership, character, compassion, integrity, and proficiency.

Dr. Marie Ripslinger-Atwater awarded Sarah Mitchell with the Gerhard F. Koch Memorial award. This is awarded to a student who has been the best overall chemistry. This student has to complete at least two semesters of General Chemistry and an additional course beyond the first year.

Dr. Marie Ripslinger-Atwater awarded Bethany Garland with the Jon Holt Memorial award. This is awarded to a freshman student who has done an outstanding job in biological or health science.

Jim Compton awarded Brandon Maas with the Michael G. O’Hara Memorial award. This is awarded to a student who has completed Composition Ⅰ and Ⅱ and Introduction to Literature.

John Dabeet awarded Tommy Shelledy-Burger with the Myrtle B. Hecht Memorial award. This is awarded to an outstanding graduate from the Administrative and Office Support program and has demonstrated a high level of achievement in scholarship, leadership, and professionalism.

Julia Dieckman awarded Rachel Paustian with the Everett Clover Memorial award. This is awarded to a student doing an outstanding job in the Agriculture Science and Technology Department, especially in the Farm Management program.

Jeff Kaufmann awarded Falloyn Grunder with the Jack Lockridge Memorial award. This is awarded to an outstanding student who will be pursuing their major in history or government.

Jeff Kaufmann awarded Jennifer Fernandez-Miranda with the Frank Killian Memorial award. This is awarded to a student who will be continuing their education in government or in the public service.

Corey Frad awarded Colin Weih with the Leonard Aull Memorial award. This is awarded to an outstanding accounting student who is chosen by the accounting faculty.

John Dabeet awarded with Cloe Pethoud the Ronald H. Hansen Memorial award. This is awarded to an outstanding economics student who is chosen by the economics faculty.

Brian Abbott awarded Sarah Mitchell with the Math Achievement award. This is awarded to a student who has shown exemplary work in the mathematics departments.

Shelly Cram Rahlf awarded Laura Ceniceros and Delaney Clark with the All-Iowa Academic Team award. This is awarded to students to be recognized for their scholarly achievements.

Jeff Kaufmann awarded Antonio Dabeet with the Robert M. Kaufmann Memorial award. This is awarded to an outstanding freshman student who exhibits academic excellence, leadership, and shows great promise while attending MCC.

Jeremy Pickard awarded Delaney Clark with the Rallie Woolsey Memorial award. This is awarded to an outstanding sophomore student who exhibits academic achievement, leadership, and participation in college or community activities and organizations.

Jasmine Mejia, president of Student Senate, ended the night with a closing speech to thank everyone who came to the event and participated in all the groups they were in throughout the school year.


Muscatine Community College Club Pictures

All Kinds Of People
Business Professionals Of America
League Of United Latin America Citizens
Phi Theta Kappa
Student Chapter of the National Association of Velerinary Technicians in America
Student Senate
Theater department
Young Democratic Socialists of America
MCC Young Democrats



Muscatine Community College Award Pictures 

Delaney Clark receiving the All Iowa award
Colin Weih receiving the Aull Memorial award
Rachel Paustain receiving the Clover Memorial award
Cloe Pethoud receiving the Hansen Memorial award
Tommy Shelledy-Burger receiving the Hecht Memorial award
Bethany Garland receiving the Holt Memorial award
Antonio Dabeet receiving Kaufmann Memorial award
Jennifer Fernandez-Miranda receiving the Killian Memorial Award
Sarah Mitchell receiving the Koch Memorial award
Falloyn Grunder receiving the Lockridge Memorial award
Sarah Mitchell receiving the Math Achievement award
Brandon Maas receiving the O’Hara Memorial award
Diane Hessman, Jill Holler, Delaney Clark, and Robin Mitchell receiving the Outstanding awards
Abigail Ford receiving the Outstanding Vet. Technician award
Delaney Clark receiving the Woolsey Memorial award