Say no to Procrastination (because I can’t)


Claudia Artola

By Claudia Artola

We all have different expectations going into college but one thing we all know for sure is that we are going to be stressed. We’re all looking for advice on how to get through college and how to survive day to day life. That’s where I come in! 

For some of you, I might be a familiar face. But for others, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Claudia Artola and this is my last semester here at MCC. After being here for some time, I can say that I have some of it under my belt so let me provide you with some stuff that will not make you want to throw the towel that easily. 

It’s the first month since this new semester started and you probably have been struggling to even get out of bed sometimes. You wake up tired, from trying to balance everything and avoiding a mental breakdown. I have been there. Several times I wandered around the campus running on 4 hours of sleep and a granola bar. My best advice, organize yourself. It might sound complicated but it can be done. Try what works best for you, buy a planner, use the calendar on your phone, even write things on your wrist, but don’t forget the main purpose, keep yourself on track! 

I bet that most of the readers have heard this one before, but prefer to ignore it. Procrastination, we have all done it. Leaving work until the last minute, ignoring an assignment, pretending that essay can be done in less than an hour, you know it. Procrastinating tends to take a toll on us; it makes us stressed and sleep-deprived. My advice? Distribute your time correctly and reward yourself with some fun time or another treat. 

Some advice that I live by is take time for yourself. Sometimes we drown ourselves in stress with homework, work, classes and we tend to forget one of the reasons why we enrolled, to improve ourselves. College while being a learning experience is also a time to enjoy yourself. Practice self-care, constantly. You devote a lot of time to do school and whatever fills up your schedule that you truly deserve to take a breath once in a while. 

As I could go on forever, I would let you figure out the rest. Part of the college experience is to know what works best for you!