Life Unexpected


Claudia Artola, Staff writers

By Claudia Artola

I am Claudia Artola, a second-year student who joined the Calumet staff this semester. The reason I joined the Calumet is because I wanted to learn something new and interesting and the class piqued my interest.

I grew up in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I moved here in 2015 to Glendale, CA where I attended and graduated from Glendale High School. Eventually, I moved to Muscatine, IA in 2017 right after my graduation.  

I’m currently majoring in Criminal Justice, with plans of transferring to the University of Iowa or Iowa State University. I intend to pursue a career that is somewhat involved with law, education or psychology, things that I am intensely fascinated by.

I’m one of the three vice presidents of LULAC, League of United Latin American Citizens, where we target Latino-related everyday issues and learn more about Latino culture.

I have been working at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach for a little over one year.  My role there is to be a success coach for Latino middle schoolers around seventh and eighth grade. We focus on encouraging Latino youth to pursue their dreams and achieve a higher education. This is achieved due to the help of workshops, one on one help, family nights, parents meetings, etc.

This semester I’m involved in the spring musical “Little Miss Sunshine” here at MCC. I play one of the mean girls but please don’t be fooled by my role, I am not as mean as I look. I am truly thrilled by this new experience and ready to learn new things.

When I am not busy working, I enjoy reading thrillers or crime novels. My fascination started by reading “Carrie” by Stephen King. The vivid description of the events that were occurring lit up a spark that lead me to deeply enjoy literature. Another interest of mine is to paint, especially watercolor. I also take pleasure in singing which got me to audition for the musical.

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