Take care of yourself


Yasmine Cruz

We are almost halfway done with our spring semester at MCC. From here, some of us will go onto universities and continue our education while others will go straight to work.

I will be going to work full-time as an assistant manager in the kitchen at my work.

Before we can start our new journey, we need to finish the one we are currently on.

Around midterms, most of us start to experience a temporary burnout. We lose our motivation, lose more sleep and often lash out from stress. Usually after spring break we are back to normal but this shouldn’t be a common thing. School is very important. Some of us have expectations put on us by our families and this often adds to the growing pile of stress. There is a point where you need to put your mental health before school.

Some teachers understand this, they know we have the weight of the world on our shoulders and try to offer some support. One suggestion is maybe taking a mental health day. An effective mental health day can help you destress and rest, get a handle on your emotions, and reset your view.

The point of a mental health day is to do an activity you would enjoy, like go for a swim or walk, learn yoga, or get a massage. Binge-watching TV or spending all day reading posts on social media are things you should not do. There are plenty of ways to spend your day, whether you decide to catch up on some much-needed sleep, indulge in a hobby you love, or hang out with a friend. Spend your day on activities that boost your physical and mental wellness.

Just be sure to make the most of this day because as much as we’d like to believe we can spend everyday pretending reality is simple, it isn’t. We still have to make it through school, some of us still have years left while others have months. As long as we keep pushing forward, and take a break every now and then, we can make it through the rest of the semester and the rest of our lives.