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Blake Thorson, Contributor

Blake Thorson, previous editor in chief of the Calumet, returns for his fifth semester at MCC. He rejoins the Calumet for the third semester after giving his word last spring to return.

“I told you I would join. I like to be a man of my word,” Thorson said. He described how hard it can be to train a new team of people, and that he could help with training in that regard as well as designing pages.

Thorson’s goal for the Calumet this time around is to, “digitize it a bit,” and, “make it more accessible for everyone.” Outside of the paper he is still studying information technology with a more concentrated focus in computer sciences.

Thorson said he “took up reading again” with the sci-fi novel “A Scanner Darkly,” but otherwise does not have much free time outside of school. Mid-August he started work at the U.S. 61 Starbucks, and works four to five days a week from before dawn, “about 10 minutes before I have class.” On the side, Thorson is also developing his own app that will, in simplest terms, allow easy downloading of PDFs.

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