Mikaela Hoover
Mikaela “Mik” Hoover returns to the MCC campus for her second semester after a semester off. Not only was MCC cheaper than a university, but, “it’s a really good campus for a community college, and it has a lot of opportunities,” Hoover said.

Hoover said a couple teachers handed out the Calumet her first semester, but she really doesn’t remember any of the stories she read, “except the Quidditch one.”

She wanted to sign up for the Beginning Newswriting class because, “I’m a big writer, and I wanna write.” Hoover is considering Iowa State University once she graduates MCC because ISU has one of the top 25 national journalism programs.

Hoover hadn’t really heard of the Calumet before, so when advisor Mark Ridolfi introduced her, she got excited. “Um, yeah I wanna write!” Hoover said she’s very passionate about writing, in and out of school and now on and off the school paper.

Besides writing, Hoover has been heavily involved in softball since she was a little girl, and has, “dabbled in volleyball.” She likes to read mainly fiction, including Harry Potter and the Artemis Fowl series, or books set in futuristic settings that are, “really different from us now.”

She also plays the cello.

“That’s pretty much me,” she said.

Mikaela Hoover, Writer/Contributor

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Mikaela Hoover